Kevin Floyd, Business Owner, Family Man, Coach, and Lover of Life

Passionate about Kids, Community, and Friends. How can we help you feel more secure about your future today?

Insurance With A Friendly Face

After living in this community for over 16 years I’ve gotten to know many local families in the Greater-Cincinnati area. As an Allstate agent here in Mason, I am enjoying being a part of the community; building local relationships is one of the best parts of my job. Most of us want similar things when it comes to the prosperity of our family as we all grow and enjoy life.

Unexpected hardships and setbacks can at best derail and at worst devastate our plans, goals, and dreams for the future. Because of our agents love for family, friends and community outreach we here at Floyd Agency, LLC would like to be your trusted advisor to build a safety blanket around your family to give you the ability to sleep well at night knowing you’re in good hands.

Let our agents work to match you up with the right policies and programs that fit your lifestyle for today and customize coverages that secure you through your tomorrow.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to honesty must be absolute. We are sincere and truthful. Caring is the way we treat customers, communities and each other every day. It’s why we put people ahead.

We care enough to anticipate what our customers need and expect from us. We ask and engage.

Our agents and our promise come to life across our community by contributing dollars and volunteering personal time to those in need of compassion and a friendly smile.

Our commitment to safe driving education and awareness helps save lives. We prepare our customers and communities for disasters and other perils.

Through youth empowerment and Cincy Shock Youth Athletics, we inspire the next generation of leaders to rise up and serve causes greater than themselves.

Integrity means you do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. This commitment has been at our core throughout our history. Adhering to the highest ethical standards is critical to protecting our agency reputation and maintaining a positive work environment.

Floyd Agency, LLC stands apart because of our people. Our conduct represents who we are.

“We strive to be a force for all that is good and gives a sense of security for all our customers.”